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... Six months full warranty for all products ...

How you differ from the mass shops?

  • the biggest part of our designs are actually made by real Artists - graphics designers, Painters or Photographers
  • every client can create product by his unique design, photograph or painting even with personalised text or message - our products are hand made and not made in enormous quantity in factories in India or China
  • all of our product are made in Bulgaria by hand and only by request
  • our artists receive commission on every purchase which includes their design, this is how the Client supports the Artists

What is the timeline for manufacturing and delivery?

  • usually it takes us 7-10 days to finish the order. Frequently we do it even faster
  • delivery for Bulgaria 1-2 days
  • please have in mind the manufacturing and delivery times if you plan to make a present

Returns and Changes

  • according to the law of electronic trading every stock manufactured by individual design and order do not qualify for change
  • the product can be returned only in case of phisical faults like - hole in the product, torned product and other lookalike problems
  • it is mandatory if you return the product, it must be with its original packaging, without any phisical damage to it, also unused with visible or not visible markings. After we receive the product, we will make an inspection and if the problem comes from us, then we will return money to you in 7 days. If the product is damaged, 15% ot its price will be deducted from the returned sum. Also the price for the return shipping is taken by the client. If the problem is with the manufacturing, we will return this sum also.
  • please, before you decide to return the product, make a picture and send it to us at [email protected] so that we can help you with the situation. Be confident that we do not want at any cost to dissapoint you. On the contrary, stay assured that we will find a solution.

What fabrics do you use?

  • our main fabric suppliers are from Bulgaria and the EU

What inks do you use?

  • inks we use are water based, which means they do not have lead or heavy metals, also azo or formaldehydes. They are checked in the certified laboratory of SGS. Manufactured by Epson Japan and cover all requirements for safety and are ecofriendly.

Order refusal

  • If you want to cancel your order contact us through email within 3-5 hours. If we have started already your order, we cannot stop its production.

How can I order a product with my design

  • go to the desired product page in category Custom
  • attach a file - your photograph, painting, picture and send it to us
  • we will examine it and prepare for manufacturing, if we have a question, we will call you back
  • more techical information can be seen here -

Till what degree are the products ecofriendly and the manufacturing process?

As is for You, so is to Us preserving of nature is a key point

  • no chemicals or solvents are used
  • no heavy metals, lead, azo or formaldehydes
  • all consumatives and inks are certified for safety
  • the colour fixation is not made with steam, rather with heat
  • this way we reduce the water consumption and the disposal of dirty water
  • heat quantity is controlled by high tech energy efficient machines
  • used fabrics and materials are eligible for recycling
  • main disposable material is the paper, which we collect and give for recycling