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Making a product with Your Own Unique Design - it's Easy and Quick. You just need a little bit of Patience

Do these simple steps:

  • go to the desired product page in category Custom
  • attach a file - your photograph, painting, picture and send it to us
  • we will examine it and prepare for manufacturing, if we have a question, we will call you back this is it - only 3 steps

technical information - what the files should be

  • resolution at least 150dpi
  • to be in a real actual size, not downscaled or upscaled
  • recommended color space - CMYK but can be RGB - TIFF files recommended, but can be JPEG

Here are some brief guidelines in making the design:

  • have in mind the technical information we have shared already
  • recommended file size - however variable it can be depending on the type of product which you prefer, i.e. kitchen glove or shower curtains, have in mind that the size should be 2mb at minimum for the small products and upto 30/50mb for the larger ones -
  • don't worry having picture with your phone, some of the modern phones have impressive camera capabilities
  • if you decide to use picture from google pictures - chose only one with higer resolution. You can do this by going to Instruments, then chose Size and finally Bigger than.. 2mb or 4mb respectively.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate contacting us:

Tel.:+359 885 60 25 120
E-Mail: [email protected]